NKD Festival

NKD is a new boutique festival for those who love to be free - a clothes free, naked festival!

25th May 2018

28th May 2018

Sturmister Marshall, Dorset.

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We live in a world where we are made to conform, media tell us who is pretty and who is not – this is about chucking all that out of the window and enjoying clothes-freedom, and experiencing the most body positive thing you will ever do! Let's get NKD! Everyone is beautiful! If you have never experienced it, it is Its utterly bonkers doing all these things NKD but only for the first five minutes. Honestly, after a few minutes your new, NKD world will seem very normal – honest! Plus its good for you… so good, you were even born naked!

Disabled Facilities:
Yes but limited - the site is a bit hilly too!

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